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Safety Notice and General Rules

STS Party Buses are commercially licensed and insured and completely legal for your safety and to ensure our reputation stays intact. Ohio requires commercial FOR HIRE insurance for the legal operation of a party bus and an Ohio Highway Patrol Certification sticker. According to Ohio Motor Carrier Enforcement, “party buses” are the only commercially licensed vehicles permitted to have alcoholic beverages on board as long as the driver is not consuming and does not have access to the beverages. Don’t take a chance drinking and driving!

General Rules

Shindig Travel Service wants you to have the very best time possible while on our Party Buses but you must follow not only our rules, but the law. We have a no tolerance policy when transporting underage parties. If the trip is a nighttime bar event, everyone on the bus must be 21 years of age. Alcohol is not allowed on the bus if there are people under 21 traveling with the party. In the event that we discover someone is under the age of 21 while we are traveling down the road, the driver has the option to drop that person off wherever he/she chooses or at the police station. Under no circumstances are items permitted to be thrown from the bus or out the windows. Fighting is strictly prohibited on the bus and at the party destinations. Individuals who choose to fight will be required to find their own way home. No illegal drugs or firearms of any kind are permitted on the bus. Absolutely no extra passengers are permitted on the bus at any time. Your event must start and end with the same passengers. We reserve the right to dismiss anyone from the bus at anytime for inappropriate behavior at the driver’s discretion.

Underage Parties

If you are going to be on the bus for prom, birthday or any other event and we believe you have alcohol on board, the event is ended immediately. If we believe someone in your group has been drinking prior to being on the bus the event is ended immediately as well. The driver has the option to either drop you off at the police station or call your parents/guardian. Either way, you will not be allowed to leave without a guardian being notified and you being picked up by him or her and you forfeit your contracted payment.















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